4 Responses to "Zipped Lips Sink No Ships"
  1. I am in the process of moving my recruitinganimal.com domain to GoDaddy because it is one of the companies that Typepad recommends for Domain Mapping.

    My current provider doesn’t allow you to access the C-Name (which is essential for domain mapping) unless you also let them host your site.

    pairNIC was also recommended but the prices seem to be much steeper.

  2. The commercials were moderately amusing the first year, the second not so much. In my book it is one thing to be offensive, but to be offensive AND boring is a real crime.

    Bob Parsons’ blog is one of the greats in my book. He really lets it all hang out. He had a great series on how he lost nearly all the money he made when he sold his first business in the dot-com crash, and then nearly shut down Go Daddy right before it turned the corner. Really interesting stuff.

  3. Shannon says:

    Interesting timing. I just saw this news:

    Go Daddy Group files for $200 mln IPO
    Fri May 12, 6:18 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Go Daddy Group Inc., which provides a domain name registration at its http://www.GoDaddy.com Web site, said it is seeking an initial public offering of as much as $200 million in Class A common stock.

    Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch & Co., UBS Investment Bank, Cowen and Company, Piper Jaffray and JMP Securities were hired to underwrite the IPO, according to an amended offering document filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

    It is seeking a Nasdaq listing under the symbol “DADY.”

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