5 Responses to "You Have a Recruiting Blog, But Do You Have a Social Media Optimization Strategy"
  1. Funny, I saw that picture last week here in Toronto at the Ashkenaz festival. Michael Wex is a funny guy, at least sometimes.

  2. Nick Roy says:

    Blogs are still evolving. It has not only brought together those with similar interests, as you pointed out in a previous post. It has also made it possible to become a published author. Before this whole Internet thing came about, it used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get published. Plus, publishers were very selective on who they wanted to publish. If they didn’t like your work, then the hell with you.

    As the competition for workers becomes more intense, companies are now asking how to get the passive job seeker. These are the job seekers that are happily employed, but can be persuaded to a new opportunity when one comes along. The passive job seeker is your “diamond in the rough.” Blogs are going to become a crucial part of the equation of a company’s career site to attract the passive job seeker.

    Another change in the recruiting landscape will be vertical search. More and more companies are seeing a need to make the job search process more enjoyable. Why does a job seeker have to go to 5 different job sites to find a job? Why can’t they go to just one site for all their job search needs?

    Joel Cheesman of HRSEO had a great presentation at the OnRec Conference where he talked about blogging and online recruiting.

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