9 Responses to "You don’t know Tiddly, Wiki"
  1. regina says:

    I have been blogging about wikis and HR for a while. I see tremendous application for wikis in the entire talent management cycle and learning/development arena. Glad we are connected and look forward to our continued conversations…http://blogs.bnet.com/hr/?p=213

  2. Devon Jones says:

    Tiddlywiki gets even better when you start adding in some of the many interesting plugins for it. There are an enormous number of plugins for TiddlyWiki that allow a user to easily create their own customizations that are focused on whatever task it is they want to use TiddlyWiki for. The biggest repository for these plugins is at http://www.tiddlyforge.net/pytw. As new plugins are released/updated, you can find them on TiddlyForge blog at http://www.tiddlyforge.net/

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