4 Responses to "You can talk to me, call me, email me, feed me, heck you can even meebo me"
  1. As usual, brilliant post up to the point that I had to go beyond the widget and do something with the code! Is this how you guys generate consulting fees – fix neophytes blogs?

    I am putting a post together as we speak that talks to the challenges associated with the interactivity of blogging – for example: if someone comments, no problem, you moderate – or not as the case may be – and the conversational thread develops. But if someone replies by email – off-comment if you will – that communication now becomes privileged and possibly compromises the original post and subsequent thread perhaps. What about meebo messages? Are they published in real time for everyone who has an account to chirp-in on? Are they private conversations? Is the log available within the post for archiving? Or, is this as I think it is, IM in another place for you and me to chat in private? If so, I’m missing the point. Where is the value?


  2. jinfinite8 says:

    The value is that it\’s about the *instant* in instant messaging and it\’s contextual. The conversations are private. Yes, we could talk to each other on a regular IM client but that would miss two key points: that the multitudes that visit your site don\’t have your IM address (even if they did or you put your IM address on your site it still isn\’t in your face, at your fingertips, and contextual. Now, what meebo should do is add a button on the widget so the author or reader can post the IM thread as a comment.

    If you give Shannon a un/pass to your WordPress Dashboard – she can put the code in the sidebar for you 🙂

  3. Julian – OK. I may need Shannon’s help getting my property tarted-up a bit but adding anything to it because of the multitudes that visit would be complete waste of time! As long as you guys come and visit from time-to-time, that’s enough for me. And as for IM as new channel for the two of us, nah. Let’s go eat.


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