7 Responses to "Yahoo! pipes – how will we recruit and find jobs with it?"
  1. jinfinite8 says:

    There’s a ton of chatter about this product and a lot of reactions similar to: “What do I do with this?” This link to O’Reilly’s Radar might help begin to answer that question.

  2. Chad Sowash says:

    I was playing mad scientist with Pipes on Friday and started getting the hang of it, the canvas is pretty cool.

    Check out –
    Yahoo Pipes Jobs (Indy Sales Jobs)

    I did the same query on all of these sites and captured their RSS feeds –





    Google Base

    If you do a run on the “Indy Sales Jobs” pipe you will see a mashup of the jobs from all of those sources. This is a very crude example of mashing-up jobs from many sources. Go in and add sources, operators, truncate better, or whatever.. But at least try it out. This looks to become an incredible FREE mashup delivery system, and Pipes should be able to deliver every company job from every source on the web for FREE to anyone.

    Pretty good stuff, but there’s more to come ;o)


  3. Julian says:

    Nice Chad! I agree – there’s so much we can do now but web services like these just starting to be used to their potential. It’s going to be great figuring it out as we go along.



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