3 Responses to "Would you like Fries with your recruiting innovation"
  1. Great post, Jules. A lot to chew on here, much of which needs digesting before a lengthy comment. Off the bat, I will say this:

    One of the reasons this was an interesting post is that it is topical, adding a new wrinkle on something I have been musing on.

    I have had a couple of brief conversations in the last three weeks with IN-N-OUT Burgers’ HR management. For what it’s worth, my experience is that there is often a correlation between an organization’s willingness to respond to a timely sales call and look at innovations for recruiting — even if the salesperson’s pitch is rejected — and that employers willingness to innovate across the an entire enterprise, employ happy people.

    Bearing my experiences in mind, I wonder if Jason Warner would think that my comparing IN-N-OUT Burgers’ willingness to evaluate innovations for recruiting with Starbucks’ is like his comparing IN-N-OUT Burgers’ product innovation with Jobster’s perpetual reinvention.

    Of course, Google by contrast is known for its innovation. Do you think then that if I called Jason now that he has left Starbuck’s, he would actually answer the phone?

    Like I said, just a muse. 😉

  2. jinfinite8 says:

    Funny that you were just calling on them! I’m not sure Jason will return your call but I suspect he’ll at least have the same laugh out loud reaction that Shannon and I did just now. Cheers Mate!

  3. Jason Warner says:

    Indeed I laughed out loud as well.

    Everything in it’s time.


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