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  1. jinfinite8 says:

    Nice post Shan. I really like what the WOMMA is doing here and we need to continue to support their efforts. I think the one rule that is a little troubling in application is number 2:

    “I will fully disclose who I am and who I work for (my identity and affiliations) from the very first encounter when communicating with bloggers or commenting on blogs.”

    For EXCELER8, I’d apply this to if I were writing a post about the exploits of one of our clients. Since in effect, you’re engaging in some WOMM and PR, it’s only fair to let your readers know that you’re taking money from the person you are featuring (even if you’re not expressly being paid to write the story which is another case all together). I’m guessing that this would be the intent of the rule and I completely support this.

    However, just because I make money from blogging (usually by setting up blogs for other companies and performing social media optimization) does that mean that I have to say that every time I leave a comment somewhere? That would be silly and nonsensical. Now, I’d say that this isn’t close to the intent of the WOMMA (more like my first example) but this rule is so broadly worded as to be useless. Therefore, (if I’m right) it will be completely ignored.

    In the case of being paid to write content. I think it’s possible to do but only if you are completely above board from the get go. Even then, the content is not going to be valued as much by readers (at least until you establish a very sound track record for your integrity and ethics). PR firm Edelman is front and center on the ‘do not do it this way’ list.

    So I guess I should get off my high horse and go give WOMMA my feedback since we’re a member of the blogging community, we blog on a personal level, and we make money as WOMM practitioners.

  2. JohnP@Dell says:

    Thanks for sharing this information but I have to say I paused a bit over the second-hand reference to Dell. While Dell was certainly slow to engage the blogosphere, the new news is there is a chapter to be written beyond “Dell Hell” — and that is how the company has gone from a laggard to a leader with its own blog, Direct2Dell, to communicate directly with customers. We’ve also gotten proactive to participate in the dialogue on blogs such as this. Are we perfect? Not quite. Are we learning? More every day.

  3. karen m says:

    Excellent Post Shannon.. wahoo to WOMMA

    Karen M

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