Why blog commenting is critical for your free social marketing campaign

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Short on time? Here's the bottom line. Short on time? Here’s the Bottom Line!

This article covers a technique from the connect phase of our three-phase online marketing method. Read this article if you want to attract more in-bound links from other blogs that can increase your web site and blog traffic and ultimately your local sales.

As a business owner interested in free and low-cost online marketing to reach clients in your local town or city you’re probably asking why you’d bother using a blog or commenting on other blogs to attract new business. Let’s start with doing away with the common misconception about blogs – that they’re just online publishing tools for geeks and exhibitionists. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, you need to think of blogs as easy-to-update web sites that have built in magnets for attracting search engines like Google and Yahoo!. Of course, blogs are also great for a more conversational and authentic form of marketing because today people filter out, reject, or mistrust traditional advertising and marketing methods. commenting on blogs is a great tactic for improving your local Internet marketing

One of the great things about blogs is their interactivity. This interactivity takes many forms but the obvious ones are comments and linking to and from other blogs. The commenting and linking between blogs connect people and conversations taking place.

In order to increase your local sales using blogs you’re going to want to attract in-bound links from other bloggers. By doing this you can increase your search engine rankings and rocket ahead of your competition in organic (free) search engine rankings.

So how do you go about getting links from other blogs? Here are three quick tips.

  1. Create good content
  2. Reciprocate by linking to other relevant bloggers
  3. Comment on other blogs

Create good content

This rule is sort of like the three-rules of real estate which you’ve probably heard are: location, location, location. The same is true for creating a blog that search engines and people alike find great value in. Good relevant content will do more for your search engine rankings, blog outreach and other marketing efforts than anything else. But this post isn’t about creating content – getting links from other blogs is.

Reciprocate by linking to other relevant bloggers

I’ll scratch your back, would you please scratch mine? Reciprocity and flattery are very strong motivators in human psychology, ones that get us to do things that even money often won’t. With this tactic you link to another blog that has relevant content that you like and the blog you’ve linked to might link back to you. This is one of the first, if not the first tactic, that people used to attract in-bound links from other blogs.

Today, the tactic is a bit worn out but not completely so. Although, getting reciprocal links from major A-list Bloggers seems almost impossible these days, it is still pretty easy to get links from less popular ‘b’ and ‘c-list’ blogs that are highly valuable to your web site traffic. Even a link from a quality blog that is unheard of still helps your search engine rankings in a positive way. This is also one of those things you should do just because it helps your blog readers knowing that occasionally it will pay you back for your good effort.

Comment on other blogs (participation)

This is probably one of the best ways to attract new readers to your blog but it must be done authentically. By that I mean that commenting should never be like an ad. If you leave a comment that’s clearly (or even subtly) self-promoting, look out because you’re likely to raise the ire of both bloggers and blog readers. But when you’ve got something relevant to say that adds to the conversation taking place on a blog, then by all means say it. Relevancy is almost always the key to good commenting and creating goodwill on other blogs. You’re looking for opportunities where your comment adds value to the conversation and secondarily lets people know you’re out there. People who see a good comment, or a constant stream of good comments, are going to notice you the right way and visit your web site. That’s what you’re looking for.

To comment on other blogs you simply search for other relevant blogs in your niche and read the stories on them. For any story that you feel you can add something to the conversation, you type in your comment and post it. Always include your email address and your blog’s URL (otherwise people won’t be able to click on your comment and find your blog). Try to answer another commenter’s question or a blog author’s call for feedback, or add relevant information or experiences. Simply commenting to lend support and show appreciation for the post or the author is also a great thing to do.

All of these actions signal to other blog authors and readers that you’re participating in their community. Do it the right way and for long enough and you’ll become part of that community with all the benefits that this can entail.

Chief among them, you’ll attract other bloggers and their audiences, and quite possibly their links, which all add up to better search engine rankings. Better organic search engine rankings means more traffic to your blog and web site and a greater chance that people in your local market will find your web site and eventually buy your product and service.

Along these lines I read a good article today from a fellow SEO enthusiast Anthony Kirlew that’s offers some good background and tips on how to attract tons of in-bound links from other blogs. The article is called: How 30 minutes a day can result in 250 inbound links

“It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes per day to find a new blog to post a comment on. I recommend starting in your niche with the goal of attracting similarly minded subscribers to your site or blog. In the process, you will learn of new blogs in your field, find complementary blogs closely related to your field, and get to know more bloggers in your niche, which could lead to guest blogging on their blogs. A great way to find bloggers in your niche is through StumbleUpon, and blogging guru extraordinaire, Darren Rowse (a.k.a. ProBlogger) just wrote a great article about this.” – writes Anthony Kirlew of Old School SEO

Key to building your blog marketing strategy is the one-day-at-a-time method that Anthony is championing in his post. It’s the same way we all build a successful business – one good piece of work at a time, every day. Everything from creating good blog content, to your comment strategy, will benefit from a little daily love. You’ll have a better chance of fitting it in to your busy day, and also in maintaining your efforts over the long haul.

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