7 Responses to "What Happens On MySpace Stays On MySpace"
  1. Fantastic post! Falls right into one of those “Why did I think of that?” categories. You are right that to use this tool as a part of the recruitment process is floored. I will say that the reverse is also true of these sites. Candidates will begin using them and Google to background check a recruiter, potential boss or work mates before joining. Not to mention the typical background check on the company.

  2. You should do the saem detailed guide to the other social networking softwares as well.

  3. Shannon says:

    How much time do you think I have CH? 🙂

  4. lgude says:

    I recall a story about Mark Twain where he took the mickey out of the 19th century recruitment ‘recruitment space’ by giving his 3 worst enemies as job references. He got the job too, because the boss knew a live one when he saw one.

    I used to recruit in jails for bright young men to offer a college program which involved work release (read access to real live college girls) and a stipend – ie money. I remeber one truly bright guy who had run a particularly charming and funny line of jive on me asking flat out what my creiteria really were. Fortunately I was having a good day and I shot back – “The quality of the lies you tell – what else do I have to go on?”

    So this MySpace problem and fear of blogging will be overcome somehow. I suggest what Mark Twain’s boss used. A bit of intelligence and common sense. I guess if you want to run for office or whatever then truly anonymous MySpace type pages and blogs will be manditory. I can hear it now. I never blogged, I just lurked.

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