Web Designers, Know Your Code

in Blog This article was originally published by Julian Gude on The Remarkable Blog from exceler8.com
<div>This is a great cross functional overview of code or programming that web designers should know. I have some weak spots and this got me grounded in them quickly. One to add to the list: website and email security.&nbsp;</div><p /><div><b>Designers Know Your Code: Web Design Tutorials</b><br /> <a href="http://www.noupe.com/design/designers-know-your-code-web-design-tutorials.html"></a><a href="http://www.noupe.com/design/designers-know-your-code-web-design-tutorials.html">http://www.noupe.com/design/designers-know-your-code-web-design-tutorials.html</a><p /> ~julian</div><p /><div>Via Zite and <a href="http://Noupe.com"></a><a href="http://Noupe.com">Noupe.com</a></div><p /><div>Tags: #webdev #code #programming&nbsp;</div>

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