WordPress logo blue stackedWe build all our Google-friendly business websites with WordPress, the world’s most popular & easy-to-use website platform. With WordPress powering your new business website you’ll be able to add your own updates, news, and specials without costly help from developers.

Why is WordPress the perfect website platform for Business?

  • Easy-to-use for business owners
  • It’s the tool the Pros use with none of the hassle of learning curve associated with Pro tools.
  • Offers you tremendous SEO out-of-the-box – this means FREE leads from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • It’s easy to write and publish new content with no need for technical knowledge
  • WordPress can run your website, a blog or both
  • It’s really free, (called open source) only pay for web hosting
  • Flexible and supremely customizable
  • Scalable – handles the traffic of the largest websites (even the New York Times runs WordPress)
  • Infinite design and feature customization
  • Access to WordPress community of contributors numbering over 10,000 to assist with design, programming, training or consulting (the size of community drives competitive pricing and means you’re never stranded by proprietary system if you decide to chose another web design vendor)
  • Geek stuff under the hood helping you without you needing to know Geek (things like clean code that makes your site load faster and appear higher in Google search results)