3 Responses to "We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Blog Metrics…We Need a New Stinkin’ Yardstick – PART IV"
  1. Lori says:

    Julian/Shannon – I have been following (actually – reading every day) your blog since day 1 – and I am never disappointed…OK – except when you guys took off for about a week or so! More to the point, I am always entertained – love the images – and impressed with the newsy, timely topics you choose to write and publish.

    I have to say that I feel like a proud “auntie” seeing how much you’ve both accomplished – OK, for me it’s all about Shannon’s superstar status but Julian, you did get your “5 questions” (I think I’m close here)!

    Since this is my very first official published response I wanted to put it out there that I feel like I too am part of this thing, this phenomenon you’ve got going…As a loyal and dedicated exceler8ion fan – actually more like a Junkie – I applaude your efforts and still, the question keeps nagging at me – Do you guys EVER sleep??

    Shannon – how awesome was it seeing each other at the airport? Glad we got in a quick hug!!


  2. Shannon says:

    Lori – Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    Here is our “airport” picture from my phone :

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