3 Responses to "We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Blog Metrics…We Need a New Stinkin’ Yardstick – PART III"
  1. Canadian Headhunter says:

    Dave Teten showed that Mehrabian has been misused. I wrote about it on Recruiting.com. See: http://tinyurl.com/nogsu

    Try this link

  2. jinfinite8 says:

    Hi CH –

    Tomorrow\’s Part IV makes this exact point! Stay tuned 🙂

  3. lgude says:

    I think the lack of body language is overcome by a variety of techniques. For example Glen Reynolds has made ‘HEH’ a term of approval and I think Andrew Sullican may have been the one to make ‘Puhlese’ a term of dismissal. In fact you could substitute HEH or Puhlese alone as Mary’s response to Bill enthusing about Bush’s reelection and be understood very clearly.

    I’ve noticed that some bloggers are really good at getting feeling into thier posts and it certainly raises the level of engagement. I’ve been an academic most of my life and it sometimes hard for me to avoid seriousness and lighten up. So prose definitely has tone, which can substitute for tone of voice to a great extent if you are a good writer. It ain’t the same of course.

    I like the way this blog uses pictures freely. It does give it a more the feel of reading a well produced magazine. I use the same template but don’t have the plug in to do the nice text arounds etc. I haven’t bothered to get it because I don’t have a sense of how to quickly illustrate what I have to say. I may try it but I think it would take me too long even though I have considerable experience combining words in pictures. The effect on this blog is usually humourous or lighthearted so its a real plus. Although its subjective my impression when I come back to EXCELER8ion is that it is a ‘fun’ place. It creates a great atmosphere.

    More broadly I think you have to project personality in blog writing. John Sumser – the guy you blog swapped with – is pretty prickly and it probably ehnances the value of his blog. It is a stance which allows him to be frank about his nagiative feelings -which enhances his credibility in so far as you know he will pull the trigger if he doesn’t like something. Different personalities of course work in mysterious ways – who would have picked Johnny Carson as a guy who would become an institution based on his apparent personality?

    Oh my dudness – I be going on and on again – as Eddie Murphy might say.

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