Ultimate Website Prelaunch Checklist from Boagworld

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The most useful and entertaining web design podcast I’ve listened to is Boag World (Shannon rec’d them to me originally).

Paul Boag and his pal Marcus discuss news, tools and topics near and dear to every web designer’s heart. This past series they focused on the theme of planning and launching a website. In, The whys wheres and hows of going live Paul and Marcus discuss a full run down of items that are easy to forget to change when transitioning from a development site to a live site. 

I related to their discussion on how going ‘live’ can be harrowing, and how these kinds of checklists make them much less so. Their checklist also features some of the tools they use in their process and I found at least one tool that I hadn’t used before for compressing image file sizes (check out Smush.it)

If you have a project management tool that allows you to make templates, then create one based on this Boag World list (and for further reading check out Smashing Magazine’s list of website launch checklists.


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