7 Responses to "Top 5 ways to deepen online relationships with social media – friending"
  1. Hey Julian,
    GREAT video. I just twittered that you’re the first person to make me think I could do video & like it. The video adds a whole new dimension! But I don’t have any hardware.

    I posted a 2nd blog post today on this subject: http://www.conniebensen.com/blog/2007/09/16/building-community/

    In Shel’s case, I pondered his Facebook friending policy too. Then I sent my request & rec’d a nice personal note back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m looking forward to video of you & Shannon. What time should I come back?

  2. shel israel says:

    The video is just too cute. I’ve made you a Facebook friend.

  3. Dennis Smith says:

    Excellent – all the way to the end! : )

    Dang, if I would’ve made a video, I might have convinced Shel to do the same!

    Nice job, Julian.

    (by the way, your Facebook updates are some of my faves).


  4. jinfinite8 says:

    Hey look at that.

    Three people reached back when I reached out. You made my work on the video all worth it. I’ve got two new friends I’ve met online (FIMO) and one I met a while back (ages in Internet time).

    So to all of you thanks for connecting and I’ll look forward to learning more from you and exploring our world together. Let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help you.

    After all, friends are awfully good for that.

    Cheers then!

  5. lgude says:

    I really like the view that we are just beginning to get feel of the social implications of computer networking and your appreciation of the potential tempered by what I know to be your first hand experience of the dot com boom. I also must say your vlogging style is getting more fluid – you kept my attention even if it was too long because the flow kept keeping on. Finally I would bet that Shel Israel responded positively because you showed you listened to his response and respected it (Shannon’s 5th technique). That seems to me is an excellent example of what you were talking about the difference between genuine networking and networking for an ulterior motive.

  6. Julian,

    The answer to your question whether social media “deepens friendships” is no. People deepen friendships .

    Technology and social media environments provide a platform for meeting new people, sharing & conecting with them and existing friends, though the same way that a friendship won’t blossom in the “real” world unless an effort is made, it won’t blossom online either without that efffort.

    Social media is a tool for us to communicate and connect with each other though it doesnt do the work required to deepen a relationship for us. We have to make the effort. Some social media sites make it easier to do this though again they don’t deepen our friendships..we do.

  7. Ruby says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I was wondering if I could form new relationships through facebook. So through googling I came acoss this topic on your blog.
    I have read the article from the guardian, and I agree wth the points you made. But I have to side with the other commenter, Anthony. I don’t think you have absolutely proved that friendships can be deepened through facebook, myspace etc. The things you have listed are active behaviour, the same active behaviour required in real life. But we need to be able to see other people’s facial expression and body language that will trigger us at the subconscious level…..to want to make those active behavior. Real, physical interaction is missing from online sites, hence we don’t get that stimulation that would prompt us to make the effort, or want to .

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