5 Responses to "The Rise of the Career Prosumer | Career Sites and Social Media"
  1. Un-career sites. I love it. Fits right into the ethos of everything else. I’ve noticed that, too. I’ve noticed that blogs now all come with job boards. And at first, this bugged me. But it’s really like the “widgetization” of job sourcing. Because an avid reader of Tech Crunch will better understand who’d be seeking to hire through that spot. Lifehacker, ditto. Hell, Grasshoppers on Facebook has already seen five or six jobs float out there.

    So interesting. I like your view of this. Thank you!

  2. Norm Patry says:

    Shannon, this is a “white paper” on the subject…and I love the push to Facebook from LinkedIn. Julian already pointed me there.
    Thank you both for your constantly fresh and inspiring insights…which require no interpretation or translation.

  3. Rob says:

    “I can name only a handful of companies that are overtly using social media for the purposes of connecting to and engaging talent in their employer brand ..”

    Which companies?

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