One Response to "The Cure for Marketing Gasbag Syndrome? Wikis and Blogs of course!"
  1. lgude says:

    It may be genetic, but probably is just human. I have certainly made that mistake from both sides of the interview desk. It sometimes even works – but I agree it needs to be minimized. I’ll keep that corn cob in mind the next time I find myself talking too much about myself. Anyhow the most bizarre job interview of my life was the one that led to our family moving to Australia. We had to drive on a cold night to New York City from southern New Jersey, and I had really bad cold, so bad I didn’t give a hoot about the interview. I anesthesized myself on most of a bottle of cough medicine and got pleasantly numb. What the hey, lets do it and go home to bed. The first thing the Dean of the school I was applying to asked me was, “Why Australia?”. I babbled for 30 minutes and he, wise man that he was, listened. In the end, I pretty well answerd all his questions before he even asked me. I have no idea what I said but I think it was pretty honest. I got the job.

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