One Response to "The Cathedral and the Bazaar for web content business models…"
  1. Lorenz Gude says:

    I really like the iPod/iTunes example here because it shows how hard it is to combine the Bazaar and Cathedral styles, but that it can be done. Napster was pure bazaar style and it is pretty clear that you can’t pay nothing for music and expect to support all the human labor and infrastructure needed to produce it. So the RIAA clampdown (as well as the brilliant hardware platform) was necessary for Apple to be able to charge for the music yet take advantage of the bazaar style fluidity of digitized music.

    I think the other point you make that has general application is that established media companies wont have the fortitude or the vision to successfully topple Google. I agree because I think it is usually the case that established organizations of any kind rarely understand the implications of the bazaar style for their operations. The RIAA saw MP3s as a threat and they were right, but Apple saw them as an opportunity and got to create the future. In my next blog post I will talk about how the media have seen blogs as a threat and tried to ridicule and squash them as opposed to seeing them as a new source of talent and then hiring them as reporters or columnists.

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