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  <blockquote class="posterous_long_quote"><strong>The Primal Landing Page</strong>

The landing page in Figure 1 is the perfect landing page; simple, clear, no confusion.

Figure 1: The perfect landing page for a very limited audience.

Unfortunately, this page will only be effective if you’re selling to a very curious crowd or are selling dominatrix services, where to “Submit” makes sense. For other markets, we’ll have to make the call to action more relevant.

<p>Brian Massey, an online conversion marketing specialist, has a little fun with landing pages while also making a good point about where your next landing page designs should <strong>begin</strong>. 

Brian cranks out useful content about online conversion marketing, the practice of increasing marketing results in a systematic way (testing!) and includes everything from offer design to landing page design, copywriting, and testing. In this latest article he discusses how we often get too far away from the goals of a landing page when we start with the design template and navigation from our own primary site. This is the key takeaway that I got from his article.


Via email from Brian Massey, ‘The Conversion Scientist’ featured on Clickz

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