Digital Experience

We know it sounds like marketing crap but hear us out. We think the goal of good online marketing and communication is to create a digital experience that connects with the people who want and need what you’ve got.
Think about how Apple creates an experience with their blend of marketing, hardware, and easy-to-use products. As an iPhone user, you experience Apple as a whole, but it’s the sum total of all your interactions with Apple and their product that create a compelling overall experience.
Here’s a revelatory, crazy idea: We think the best way to get and keep customers is to produce a good experience. The best way for you to create a good experience is to uncover and articulate your story, the essence of what you’re really about, and match it to the real world delivery of your product or service. Deliver on what you promise. You don’t have to be perfect. Mercedes and Apple certainly aren’t. But like Apple and Mercedes, your overall experience does have to be better than your competitors.
Creating a good digital experience is getting your entire online operation clicking (and really your entire business). I can help you craft and tune the online parts of your experience. I do that by pairing your messaging with a mashup of creative services and analysis, plus a range of web services and Internet marketing tools. Like what? Business Analysis, copywriting, your web design and publishing platform, how fast your website loads, your imagery, your operational follow up, your conversion pages, your AdWords campaigns and email campaigns, your sales follow up, your mobile website, conversion marketing, communications, social media, video, analytics, PR, search engine optimization and project management. Phew! Remember, experience isn’t one thing, it’s the whole thing.
My desire is to help you elevate your customer experience, anywhere, anytime, online. Learn more.