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  1. Neo says:

    By reading the fine print on their web site and comparing it to a semi-automated discount ad agency called I found that Spotrunner is attractive to the recruiting industry only as far as the cosmetics of its the user interface. There is no real savings or value for the potential target client over similar service paradigms. The automated Spotrunner airings cost more than the semi-automated system. It appears that Spotrunner offers an upgraded ad comparable to Cheap-TV-Spots standard custom ad, but at a price nearly 5 times the Cheap TV Spots rate. Spotrunner does not appear to allow national airings (because of licensing restrictions), and it does not allow a web version of the commercial to be freely distributed by the client. Cheap TV Spots, by contrast, provides both local and national airings, and allows the client to freely distribute a web version via e-mail, social video networks, and other web postings. The most disturbing thing about Spotrunner is that the recruiter is forced to keep purchasing their more expensive air time or Spotrunner will re-sell their ad to the recruiter’s competitor in the same market. So much for branding. Again, by comparison, the Cheap TV Spots system delivers local and national service with maximum flexibility at a cost (including air time) which is less than the limited Spotrunner system. Cheap TV Spots also does not insist on long term contracts for air time. The Spotrunner advantage is that it appears easier than talking to a live person (if you want to talk to a live person, it will cost extra). Sure, this could work for a recruiter afraid to interact. But, a recruiter afraid to interact with a live person is destined to fail in the business. Maybe this is why there’s been talk in Silicon Valley about acquiring Spotrunner. Cheap TV Spots actually has the better system, but to the average employment agency or individual recruiter, Spotrunner looks like it has the slicker system. A / Spotrunner hybrid model is actually the most compelling model for our business sector, and a real acquisition for Google, Yahoo, or even

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