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  1. Shannon:

    Great post – when I worked on the agency side, I often had clients very excited about then-new ideas like employee videos and “real” FAQs where job seekers could ask questions and the recruiting team would answer them and post those replies. Gasp, some clients even embraced the concept of blogging as part of their career sites.

    The main obstacle I ran into was neither interest nor money, but rather the time needed on the client side to do such things. We were as helpful as possible in providing support, but some things actually had to be done – or at least reviewed – by the client, and they never seemed to have “quality” time. How do you address that as part of your pitch? Thanks as always,


  2. Shannon says:

    Hey Jason – Thanks for the comment. You are dead on and actually touch on the topic of my next post. The short answer is that companies are going to need candidate community managers – similar to what Jeremiah Owyang writes about in his post, The Four Tenets of the Community Manager – but specifically focused on cultivating the candidate community:

    The budding Community Manager industry holds 4 tenets; these values resonate as a common thread within the role. They include community advocation, brand ambassadorship, online communication skills, and product requirements gathering and improvements.

    • Kima says:

      Jim:I’m a recruiter who enyjos the insights you share on your blog. Found this cartoon particularly clever. Hope you don’t mind I posted it on my blog.Thanks,Eric

  3. Thanks for sharing your 18+ months experience. The ability to share a culture brand, participate in the conversation economy and improve research is changing roles in the recruiting business.

    Case in point – I am convinced that Colorado University head football coach Hawkin’s blog creates a platform to feel his leadership and that will benefit his ability to attract and retain talent all over Boulder. Good lesson in where to spend time.

  4. AMEN! You know that I can relate to you, maybe like no other.

    I would love to help you in this exercise…let me know how I can.

    Thanks for being so generous…as always. 🙂

  5. Greg R. says:

    I agree with the angle Jason brought up. Even though money is always a factor there are ways to escape it initially. Hosting blogs on Blogger or WordPress, using video sharing sites like YouTube, Blip, Kyte, etc, podcasts with laptop mics, etc.

    What has been a problem in talking with HR professionals is their unwillingness to sell their own positions. This may not be the case in larger cities with larger firms, but is a major problem for mid-sized companies that may not have a major focus in HR but need personnel to maintain their level of business.

    By not giving full details of positions, companies are not only losing out on prospective candidates but are also getting more unqualified candidates due to a lack of information. Having these same employers make videos and podcasts with their lack of time (or experience in Social Media) and the fact that it’s easier for a job seeker to go to a job board rather than individual sites and you have a major problem.

    This topic could go on and on, but I think you said there was a follow up so I’ll join back then!

  6. Jeff McCord says:

    I know my company, imc2, is… as a recruiter for imc2 (a top 10 interactive ad agency) we’ve definitely seen the potential that social media has in finding top-notch talent and building our brand to not only our existing employees but also with potential employees (aka candidates).

    We’re currently on Facebook, MySpace, and I use twitter (the hottest social media site now, in my opinion) to broadcast to my “followers”/friends about new job openings.

    I actually have a personal blog that I use to discuss one of my biggest passions, social media and recruiting. I get so many different questions about it, it really is catching on.

    This article was brilliant and I appreciate the knowledge that was in this article.


    Jeff McCord
    Dallas, TX

  7. I use social media fairly heavily to promote my restaurant…
    from the website, to twitter,facebook, linkedin, etc…
    I think it gives us a younger appeal and keeps us very close to our guests.

    Cpanies that miss this are missing out!

    I can’t see how any “big” cmpany wouldn’t harness this medium…

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