5 Responses to "Social Media Darwinism – survival of the fittest in a social media world"
  1. this new world of the web in what is now dubbed Web 2.0 is so interesting, isn’t it? Yes, it allows us to interact with one another yet we keep our distance. at times it seems we demand the distance. but we need the contact, the intimacy, as you so aptly put it to hold the baby and say the right words to her. it’s sometimes the same as picking up the phone to just vent for a minute or two and then refocus again on the basis of our relationship, be it business or social or both.

    we have the ability to do both. we now have the option to job hunt and gather information — in both directions. and there are still those out there who would misuse the information for various and sundry questionable purposes. it’s important to keep that in mind — it’s become paramount — as we do things. and it seems because we’re in the spotlight so much and for so long that we can only be our true personality when in the “privacy of the real world.” otherwise, it’s subject to scrutiny and becoming part of your background search and therefore part of why you’re sourced or rejected. how ironic.

    yes, we must adapt and take cognition of the ways we are evolving, both positive and negative.

  2. jinfinite8 says:

    I appreciate you relating your thoughts about adapting and evolving in our offline and online worlds and how it relates to living, recruiting and personal branding. I like your \’privacy of the real world\’ notion. Thanks Yvonne.

  3. lgude says:

    Insightful post. Yup, this is a very new medium and the rules of what works and what doesn’t just aren’t clear. If the player is a CEO – even a very new and young one – the role model of CEOs in our culture is that of the ‘big boss.’ Countless TV shows and movies have told us how CEOs act , but the CEO of a social media company can’t take a position toward his customers that sounds or even feels condescending or superior. He is much more in the position of a new small town businessman – if he offends anyone it will be all over town by the time the sun goes down.

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