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  1. Jim Durbin says:

    I like the idea, but a proprietary job board in my mind is the way to go. YouTube and MySpace have huge advantages in the personal video space, but the wetjello would be the first to create a video job board.

    How they sell these services is going to be key. With a small exclusive audience, they can make a lot of money selling to TPR’s, companies, and colleges.

    Hirevue is doing this in the sense of providing a secure platform for companies to pre-screen. It’s a comfortable niche, and one where candidates are carefully monitored. Every video is payed for.

    wetjello seems to be trying a different financial model, one where the video is free, and access is payed for. Opening up their servers to the world at large would swamp their servers and complicate filtering and security issues (Just ask YouTube about al the pr0n they have to delete).

  2. lgude says:

    What jumps out at me is that there are jobs where presentation is important…like sales where you could market your abilities in a form that typewritten resumes just can’t. Anything that requires performance..acting, all the way to showing you can lay bricks. Well, no not bricklaying I suppose, but being a greeter or tour guide or receptionist. You might get clever and even sell your ability to be the undercover security guy because you look so ordinary in that room full of people. All I have to do to sell myself as a blogger is turn on the camera – I’m already in pajamas.

  3. Paige says:

    I have never put my name on a job board – Monster and Career Builder – just scare me !! – Wetjello looks interesting BUT there is an even better and innovative way to getting your dream career – Quietagent.com.

    Quietagent.com is different, they keep your identity secret, you can enter your skills and qualifications and see if anyone out there wants to approach you about a job!!, you can choose to accept or decline approaches from employers, so you’ve got nothing to lose – and no one will know who you are!!


    QuietAgent.com is also giving people the chance to win an ipod shuffle each week for an entire year!!! http://www.refer.quietagent.com/

    Win your dream career and an Ipod Shuffle – Perfect!

  4. Shannon says:

    Hi Paige – we did a post that discussed Quietagent.com, take a look – http://www.exceler8ion.com/2006/02/05/recruitment

    Interesting service. Thanks for your comment.

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