See Spot Run *and* make new friends at the park…

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Short on time? Here's the bottom line. Short on time? Here’s the Bottom Line!

Please note that this article was written prior to Local Na8ion’s re-launch and as such the content may not be relevant for today’s audience of local marketers. Disclaimer: Although I am not affiliated in any way with Spot Runner I am a long time friend with one of their current executives (although my interest in Spot Runner predates my friend’s employment with them).

If you’ve read my previous post on Spot Runner, the internet ad agency hoping to bring T.V. spots, and someday soon internet T.V. spots, to local advertisers, you’ll know all about what they’re up to and why it’s important to the local online and local interactive recruitment space that we write about here on LOCALna8ion and over on our sister blog EXCELER8ion.

News is slated to come out later today that Spot Runner has signed a strategic relationship with Cendant Real Estate Services to offer their TV advertising services to its 260,000+ affiliated agents and brokers. With 9,000 brokerage offices Cendant is THE player in the real estate space and includes brands we all know and love like Century 21, Caldwell Banker, ERA and Sotheby’s.

There are a couple of things that I really like about this move. First off they’re smart to go after the huge real estate vertical, typically the domain of local newspapers and their online sites. There’s 11 billion advertising dollars in them thar hills.

Second, Spot Runner is smart to plug-in to a major incumbent in the local business infrastructure, you know, the one that drives our entire U.S. economy while big business gets all the glory. Realtors are everywhere and people in the local community pay attention to what they do. Other local advertisers will notice what’s happening and potentially hop on board the $500 T.V. commercial bus. This move could definitely generate some great word-of-mouth marketing for Spot Runner in the local community if managed right.

Watch for more interesting moves from Spot Runner in the near future as they build up their leadership team (I hear they’re looking for a Sales VP right now), products and local relationships.
Hmmm, let me see, where should they go next: autos, education, local mid to large sized retailers, similar sized companies looking for employees, throw in some service businesses and well, that’s another 50 billion or so in local advertising dollars to keep them busy for a while…

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