3 Responses to "Scrybe Online Organizer"
  1. jinfinite8 says:

    Nirvana! I received my beta invite today. Tally Ho!

  2. Peter Gold says:

    I’ve been reading the infamous post about recruiting blogs being full of bull but if I hadn’t read this how long would it have been before I heard about Scrybe?

    Great scoop (to me anyway).


  3. Julian says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for adding your thoughts on both Scrybe and the convo going on about recruiting blogs. My initial reaction to the beta product is…where’s all the stuff. It looks like they launched with only a very simple calendar (albeit WITH the offline sync) and the remainder of the really interesting tools are still to come. It’s hard not to feel disapointed after the build up of the video, BUT good things take time and I’ll keep using the beta until it has fully arrived.



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