Save time in 2012 with Gmail keyboard Shortcuts

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Check out this website I found at

i’ve been learning keyboard shortcuts for google gmail over the last couple of months and i have most of them memorized now. it’s a massive time saver, try it!

there are still some lingering shortcuts that i don’t remember and that’s where a printable sheet can come in handy. toss it once you’ve mastered them all.

here’s one that @ev, co-founder of twitter put up that’s pre-formatted for landscape printing on an 8 1/2″ by 11″ piece of paper.

another trick is to use a sticky note if you just have a couple items you can’t quite firm up in your memory banks. i’ve started using the mac os x app called stickies, which replicate post-it notes for your screen. i’ve added a sticky for sending email then .

thanks @ev




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