Review: LastPass vs. 1Password: Password Manager Shootout

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The folks over at <a href=""></a> have a nice review of two popular web-centric password managers &ndash; LastPass and 1Password.

I heard about 1Password on the Mac Power Users podcast and might still try the 1Password tool using their 30 day free trial (unlimited access for 20 accounts).

But LastPass has won my initial interest with their low $12 a year premium cost, free and functional version, and the ability to share logins with people you know without divulging your actual login credentials. The free option is integral to the sharing feature being functional in the real-world.

The share feature is of particular interest to me because I need a better way to manage login credentials for the people I have working for my business who are transitory, outsourced workers. In many cases, giving them their own user credentials does not make sense. Instead I use Universal passwords and then change them once a project is done. That’s not secure enough for me and my clients.

LastPass also offer an Enterprise edition, which I may need in order to really do this the right way. At $24 a user (annually) LastPass Enterprise is not out of the question as a viable small business option given the security and time savings features that LastPass offers.



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