Re-write your website title for better local search results

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5 minutes to better local search engine rankings

If you’re trying to attract free traffic from search engines to your small local business you need to optimize your site for local searches. This practice is generally known as local search engine optimization (Local SEO).

My tip today focuses on one specific but very important Local SEO technique…

Website titles

The website title is the text that appears at the very top of your web browser window when you visit someone’s website. It’s also what people see on search engine results pages like this.

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Here’s an example of a local search someone might type into Google.

Local Search example

“Florists Charlotte”

Your website title should include descriptive words that read well, include your location, and includes the major search keyword/s or search terms for your business. While your business name is nice, it’s generally the least important part of your website title.

Guess what 98% of the small business website titles start out with?

The business name.

Think of it like this. Is a banner you make for your front window that says 50% Off – Spring Sale going to attract business or the one that says George’s Hardware?

Your website title is like a banner about what you do for both people and search engines.

Good Local Website Titles

Let’s take a look at the top 5 search engine results from the local search example I used above, ‘Charlotte Florists.’

  1. Charlotte Florists, Flowers, Local Florist Shops – North Carolina (NC)
  2. Charlotte florists and gift shops
  3. Charlotte Florists – Flowers Charlotte NC – Starclaire House Of …
  4. Port Charlotte Florists – Flowers Port Charlotte FL – Port …
  5. Charlotte Florists – Flowers Charlotte NC – Gallery of Flowers

Notice a theme?

The winners on this list lead with their city and then their common search keyword/s or search term/s.

How to do it

Get out your pen and pad or favorite word processor and start working on a new website title. Keep your new title under 70 total characters and include your major town/city first, your keyword next, and if there is room, your business name. A pipe, one of these | is a great way to visually separate information in your website title. Use this tool to count the number of characters in your new website title so you don’t feel like you’re back in Kindergarten. Here’s an example I just worked up.

Charlotte Florists, Elegant Charlotte Flowers | Mary’s Botanicals

I included the location city and two major search terms in my title and snuck in a business name in 65 total characters.

  1. Charlotte Florists
  2. Charlotte Flowers
  3. Something additive and descriptive “Elegant” for the people reading my title
  4. Business Name

Want some more examples of what to do with your website title? Check out SEO expert Aaron Wall’s video on how to write great SEO website titles below.

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