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I’m going to start posting LOCAL Na8ion projects in our portfolio section and our first project is a brand and service we created start-to-finish in less than 24 hours. It’s still a work in progress and I’ve got tons of editing and ‘tightening up’ to do but it’s a solid start for a days work.

The idea with our portfolio section is to show you the variety of project work we do. While most of our clients think of us as web designers we’re really delivering integrated internet marketing services that span branding, Local SEO, copywriting, social media optimization, online video production, logo design, etc.  But it’s hard to show those things in a portfolio so we show you the website so you can at least take in one or two parts of what we’re doing.

This particular project is 100% ours except for the web design itself. As you may know, we’re big supporters of using WordPress design themes (yes templates!) for your business website and packaging them up with our services so we can use your marketing budget to drive people to your website (from places like Google, Yelp! and social networks). Once we have your prospect on your website our focus is converting lookers into buyers which is an art form unto itself.

This particular site launch is an internal project for a sister service of LOCAL Na8ion called brand trampoline. The design essence of this site drives home the whimsical and boutique design aesthetic I was looking for. The theme cost me $20. It would have taken me and my team three to seven days to make a theme like this from scratch (it has a lot of time consuming hand drawn elements).

The point of all my rambling is that you don’t always need a custom web design to have a great web presence. If a company like us that offers custom web design uses an off-the-shelf theme then why can’t you?

So here’s the design. It’s called On The Go (this link goes to the 100% stock version made by Nick Roach at Elegant Themes). Nick offers this and all his other themes for $19.95 a year (check out the other themes here and follow Nick on Twitter.

You can experience our live deployment of this WordPress design here at brand trampoline or view the picture below just to get an idea.

Brand Trampoline Home Page

click to see live version of brand trampoline's new home page

Note: As of 2010 LOCAL Na8ion does not accept affiliate money from this or any other source so you can trust that the sites we write about have nothing to do with an exchange of money.

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