Online Reputation Management for Small Business | Episode 16 Local Knowledge

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People are already talking about your small business online – learn how to monitor and respond to this opportunity and threat.

Show Summary | 11:57 Run Time

  • Primer about Online Reputation Management
  • Demo of setting up Google Alerts and BackType
  • How to combat bad reviews on sites like Google Local (Google Maps)

In our how-to video today I will give introduce you to online reputation management for small business owners. After we cover some quick basics I show you how to use Google Alerts and to scour the Internet for news, comments, reviews, raves and rants about your company, products or services.

I’ll demonstrate how it only takes 5 minutes to set up a Google Alert or BackType account and start monitoring your reputation. Both Google Alerts and are free and easy-to-use. When used in concert together, Google Alerts and Backtype catch and report on what people are saying about you and sends that info to you in a daily email.

I’ll conclude today’s session by reviewing a real world example of how to combat negative reviews on Google Local (Google Maps) that might otherwise scare new customers away from buying from you.

Online reputation management gives your small business the opportunity to spot sales leads and market niches you may have been unaware of. Perhaps even more importantly, you’ll learn when something’s gone wrong with a customer who may not have told you directly that they’re dissatisfied with your business but don’t shy away from telling the world about their complaint.

A major benefit of managing your reputation online is the ability to interject your own voice in these online conversations that can transform bad situations into customer service wins. Best of all, your good work will be rewarded when all your responses are cataloged on the Internet for new and future customers to see. Or, not. You can just stick your head in the sand and hope for the best. 🙂

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  1. LookupPage says:

    Nice post.
    Have you heard about LookupPage? It’s a new service that aims on getting your profile on Google when someone searches your name. Their data base is still small (around 50,000) however they usually get good ranking on search engines in comparison to other services

    • Julian says:

      Hi Udi, Thanks for stopping by and letting me and our readers know about LookupPage. I look forward to learning more about your service. Cheers!

  2. John says:

    At least now business will be able to refute the occasional outlandish claims that come up. It is going to take some level heads though. I know I have a problem when people bad mouth my business. I instantly refute all claims in an arrogant. Also check out AirCheese. Its a really good tool for oRM its beta version is available for free.

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