10 Responses to "The Next Generation of Corporate Careers Sites"
  1. Shannon says:

    Hey Peter – Thanks for sending me the post – hopefully this idea will gain momentum here. Most corporations, and especially HR departments, still have the deep seeded fear of opening up and giving a real view of the company…that will make the “conversational careers site” a bit of an uphill battle – but one that I will happily pursue!!

  2. Rusty Weston says:

    Your post has inspired me to dive deeper into identifying problems with direct-employer job sites. I’m about a month away from rolling out a careers-related blog and I have a direct-employer job site research project underway. I will take a closer look at some of the angles you have suggested. Of course, I’d love to hear more of your insights into what you like and dislike in these direct-job sites. Thanks!

  3. Stephi says:

    I agree on that, but if this trend comes into the picture what will happen to job portals and recruitment firms?? There are companies which have big hiring team and make efforts to do direct hiring, but how far will it go is the question.

  4. A nice post and indeed every corporate should have a neat and user friendly careers section on their website. But as I perceive the situation now (at least in my country, India) is even SEI CMM5 level corporates depend on job consultancies and job sites though they have huge number of people working in their HR departments. I reckon a lot of water has to flow under the bridge before your wish come true.

  5. Rob Humphrey says:

    Great Post. While at Josbter I had worked (for the the first time in my career) with many Recruitment Ad Firms (Hodes, JWT, etc etc) and most of the “Interactive Strategists” have been simply pushing “what they know” because it seems to be within the the clients comfort zone.

    I hope that this changes. I know recruiting leaders will be looking for results this year. And if they dont get them from XYZ Recruitment Ad Firm, they will switch…and switch, until they find someone that really can help them…and that may take a very specialized firm or person.

  6. Andy M says:

    AMEN! Corporate recruiters stil struggle to strike a fine balance between sourcing and response activities within their exisiting recruiting budgets. Its sad the majority falls into the sourcing bucket only to be spent away on various forms of media pushing them to the “black hole” that is their recruiting Website.

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