9 Responses to "Newspapers: please remove head from ass (yours)"
  1. Your view of this is dead on. I have to tell you a story about a newspaper job board. One of my competitors in the job space in Connecticut (ctjobs.com) was recently bought by a consortium of newspapers. They proceeded to gouge the old customers with new rates that were outrageous. They asked companies who were paying about $1,000 per year for unlimited postings to pay $24,000 for the same thing! Are they F@%*king kidding?

    Just goes to show their mentality when it comes to online revenue. They truly do have their head up their ass.

  2. Chris should charge $23,995 for his unlimited posting packages. Not only will his clients save themselves some money, they’ll definitely be dealing with someone who cares and does a great job.

  3. Barry Hurd says:

    I think that newspapers may be slow in turning to more profitable models, but it is strange that this is coming from the recruiting industry that could unfortunately be even farther behind the cue ball than their newspaper comparisons.

    The nature of the news beast is to profit from things in secret as long as possible. Some big newspaper chains are embracing social media and profiting wildly from it, but I doubt any of them are going to come out and produce numbers outside of the executive room and tell competitors how they are up 10% from last year because of X, Y, and Z.

    The same holds true for the idea that yellow page advertisers are dying off, several of the big producers are still very strong and doing well. I can’t blame them for not putting a spotlight on the “secret recipe” for making a print advertising company do well.

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