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I’ve written here before on Local Na8ion about the power of local online reviews. A story in USA Today on May 20th provides a nice summary of the pros and cons that should further wet your appetite. Here’s a quote and link to the full story titled “Businesses turn to online reviews to grow clientele” in USA Today.

Mike Dorausch L.A. Chiropractor discusses local online reviews - Photo Credit Larry Armstrong USA Today

“Reviews and star ratings are often cited in search results. A Google search for “Los Angeles chiropractor,” for instance, includes not only links to websites and descriptions, but also a 10-item list of local chiropractors with their addresses, reviews, star ratings and a local map at the top of the page.

“You’re seeing a lot of businesses fighting to get into that top 10,” says Greg Sterling, an analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence. “This is the most privileged position on the Internet. It’s a big, prominent placement. If you’re there, you benefit, and if you’re not, you don’t.”

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