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LocalNa8ion.com is signing off as of May 3, 2012 - find us on www.exceler8.com

We’re moving LocalNa8ion.com back home to our mother ship at www.exceler8.com in the next 48 hours.

  • You’ll be able to view all of our LocalNa8ion.com content at www.exceler8.com.
  • We plan on continuing and expanding our local Internet marketing services and web design business – just under our original exceler8 shingle.
  • www.exceler8.com will feature our consolidated content from LocalNa8ion.com and Exceler8ion.com
  • We’re getting back to routine publishing. We need one voice to do that with as busy as we are. Not three.
  • Expect to see a range of written and video content ranging from reviews, commentary, and how-to guides.
  • We’ll cover the digital experience. It’s like what we’ve published on all our sites in the past, but more. And it’s what you think it is. What ever that is.

Like our sister blog exceler8ion.com that we started in 2005, LocalNa8ion.com has had a good run since 2006 as a specialty website for our company exceler8.

As local internet marketing and web design continue to grow in leaps and bounds, so goes our business. Our own  growth at exceler8 requires us to focus all our energy on serving our clients in that expansion and in building a smarter business.

We continue to connect with a cross section of business types, from local small business owners and startups who get their customers from around town, to companies who serve world markets, and bloggers and content marketers who know only one niche but aren’t the slightest bit confined by physical borders.

We like working with all types of people. It keeps us sharp and allows us to spot trends. We experiment every day. We’re still making it up as we go along. We can’t sit still for anything. Variety provides us…with air.

People are evolving, business is evolving. Yesterday I worked on website design, WordPress business websites, search engine optimization, copywriting, conversion rate optimization,  Google AdWords campaigns, and custom business dashboards. I interacted with my favorite contractors in the U.S. Tunisia, Bulgaria and India on skype, email and Podio. That, believe it or not, it a pretty normal day at our company.

This post is too long and there’s no time for editing. It’s the real world, the same one that you live in. Do your best, find your inspiration, make your mark. We hope to see your around www.exceler8.com soon – and all the places you actually hang out. 🙂

See you soon.

Julian E. Gude
Founder and Editor LocalNa8ion.com
May 3, 2012

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