Local Knowledge Episode 15 | Distraction Free Writing using WordPress

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We could all use less distractions when we’re writing updates for our small business web site. After all, the more frequently we write content and publish it on our websites, the better our local search engine rankings will be.

Today, there are tools called full screen editors, writing tools that are specifically designed to remove distractions like email and instant messenger notifications from your computer. I use and recommend programs like WriteRoom for the Mac and WriteMonkey for Windows.

What many people don’t realize is that there is a similar full browser window text editor right inside WordPress that will help you focus on your writing.

This episode of Local Knowledge contains an educational screencast that shows you two workflows for using these full screen editors in your writing and publishing on WordPress 2.7.

The first method pairs up a dedicated full screen editor like WriteRoom with WordPress. The second method lets you do ALL your work right within WordPress. Both methods work, you decide which is best for you.

Remember, local search marketing is free and any tools and tricks we can use to make it easier for us to market our business are powerful tools. You know the saying ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff….It’s all small stuff!’ Modifying your workflow using these methods may seem like a small thing (and it is) but it’s chock full of positive results.

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  1. Owen Marcus says:

    Thank you Julian – it is a great tip which I never used. Thanks.

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