One Response to "links for 2007-07-10"
  1. It’s about time. I am a huge fan of Jerhico on CBS. I watched it exclusively online because I have 2 small kids and having the time to watch it on old media (TV) was not an option.

    Jerhico was canceled and there was a movement by loyal viewers to get the show back on the air. We succeeded in that. The movement got national recognition.

    Why did it get canceled? Because NBC, CBS and ABC had this brillant idea to put their top shows on hiatus. Of course, they lost viewers. Duh!

    Watching shows online is, in my mind, better. The commericals are not as long, we can watch it when we need to, and this article finally shows that the networks are getting it. You cannot just go by what people watch on classic TV.

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