2 Responses to "Keepin’ it Real – Online Employer Branding and Authenticity"
  1. Lorenz Gude says:

    I am reminded that for the past 5000 years 90+% of people have been engaged in agriculture and their homes and their work places were not separate. I’ve seen this kind of social orgainization in traditional farming cultures in Indonesia and in Africa and grew up on a farm myself. The net is reintegrating family and work life. No, its not the same – it is a great deal more fun – but I think once we get used to it the results will feel quite natural and be less stressful.

  2. regina says:

    One of the key things for creating an environment that reflects your brand is like what you say…make sure it does what you say it does. The most important ingredient to all of what you are saying and at the hear of every great brand is good managers who know how to manage and lead within the context of a great brand.

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