John Carlton copywriting secret revealed by Frank Kern

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I've been doing a ton of research on copywriting lately, including evaluation of current copywriting and direct marketing influencers. In addition to the modern stuff (like this Frank Kern video) I've also been going waaayyyyy back to the beginnings of marketing measurement and direct response advertising in order to learn from the 'masters'. I'm finding a lot of gold in my research and learning a ton. 

John Carlton is largely retired but made his name over the 80’s and 90’s as a “no BS copywriter” who produced many highly successful campaigns. Over the decade he leveraged his reputation to run his consulting and training business.

In this video Frank Kern talks about an encounter he had with Carlton and how he Kern uses a very simple system of Carlton’s to improve his marketing response.

This is one of those things that gets labeleed a ‘secret’. It’s good enough to be. Watch the video. I challenge you to walk away from the Carlton advice without being influenced by it. It’s something you can put in to action TODAY.

Read more about Carlton at his own website where you’ll find years of useful articles in his archives at or listen to the current podcast (Internet Marketing for Smart People) where Carlton is interviewed in a two-part series. Here’s the podcast link (Carlton appears on the February 24, 2012 episode and March 2, 2012 episode):


Via my own blood, sweat and tears conducting research.

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