5 Responses to "Jobs are cool again: psfk.com launches vertical jobs site"
  1. Willi says:

    Great article! Exciting launch too, and timely for my business as we are looking for new ways to post jobs. The popular (current) job sites are not producing fruit. Word of mouth is what brings quality resumes but that method doesn’t scale out to the thousands of people you know must be perfect for you position but simply cannot be found.

  2. jinfinite8 says:

    Hi Willi, Thanks for your note and nice words! Although I haven’t used either of them, there are a couple other vertical marketing job boards you might find interesting that I came across yesterday.

    1) http://www.24seventalent.com/

    2) http://mv.jobwink.com/

    The 24/7 one is unknown to me (just an ad I saw). The jobwink board is offered by MarketingVox, a content publisher in the biz that I’m guessing you already know.

    Speaking of WOM, the best job board I’ve ever used for both tech and interactive marketing and creative jobs has to be good ol’ craigslist. I’ve landed some great people in The Bay Area and in South Florida using CL.

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