11 Responses to "Job Search 2.0 – There’s Something Happening Here"
  1. C.M. Russell says:

    Great post Shannon. I agree with your assesment and have been thinking about JobSearch 2.0 as well since I’ll be speaking about new job search tools to an alumni group at a local college in October. As part of that I’m in the process of putting together a matrix of JobSearch 2.0 companies.

    I actually spoke with Indeed’s CEO the other day, which you might be interested in… http://secretsofthejobhunt.blogspot.com/2006/08/conversation-with-indeedcoms-paul.html

    But you’re right it is a new age of jobhunting. I, for one, love watching it unfold.

  2. Peter Gold says:


    Interesting post, a subject I also concur with but see little about; plenty of web 2.0 and the direct search activities, but less about the ‘passive’ searches. I think the job becomes the pollen to make the honey, but what the job holder does to attract the bee will change over time. No more will it be ‘advertise and they will come’.

    Getting the job in front of the right people at the right time will become proactive and less reactive; which in itself will be a skill employers will not develop but outsource. The ‘job controller’ will offer their service on a pay-for-performance basis (if they are any good!) making sure they get the brand and the opportunity of jobs (as well as actual jobs) into the right kinds of places such as Blogs etc. Job boards may be right on some occasions, Blogs on others, who knows what else will come!

    Bottom line – I reckon location becomes more important than the content as no matter how good the job is, lost on Monster it gets too many candidates who don’t match and for the odd few that do, they struggle to get through; but in the right location…….


  3. Shannon says:

    C.M. Thanks for pointing me to your post re: the interview with Paul Forster. Indeed is a great site and I hope that it gains in recognition among job seekers. They have had an amazing 300% increase in visitors, but I wonder where most of their traffic comes from at this point.

    Peter – thanks for the adding your thoughts! Interesting point about *location* being more important than the content. The ability to stand out really allows you to be noticed. Blogging is an example of that. The content might not be great – but just because you are doing it people notice.

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