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  1. While you raise salient points about optimizing job postings there are other items to consider to extend the employment brand online. The typical online job posting is a carry over from traditional classified advertising and leaves the candidates with no more attachment to a company brand than the traditional means accomplished. Online recruiting should be different because it is different. Online is unlike any other medium because the candidate is in complete control, and we have to reach them on their terms. When done right, online ads become an extension of the overall brand experience. It’s no longer advertising, but brand participation. It is engagement instead of exposure. It is a branded experience that is compelling, relevant, actionable and satisfying, right then and there.

  2. jinfinite8 says:

    Hi Patty, thanks for your comment.

    Employer branding through online marketing is absolutely unique from print and we find that more often than not, companies and agencies tend to just re-purpose old media models online, hoping for the best. Focusing on the unique characteristics of interactive marketing is actually the driving force behind what we do for our clients at EXCELER8. We also agree with you that the best online marketing extends your brand by engaging and inviting participation from active and passive job seekers.

    We certainly hope you didn\’t get the impression that our article on optimizing job postings was an indication that we feel employer branding is built through this tool alone. The purpose of the post was to emphasize and relay tips. Since so many companies are utilizing job postings as a recruitment tool, we want them to be aware that even postings have an effect upon the candidate experience and therefore, their employer brand.

    Actually, we believe that almost ANY action on the part of a company impacts their brand; whether it is online, off line or even areas that wouldn\’t be considered typical marketing or communications. For an example, see our post on how companies are enlisting their employees to help build and promote their company brand http://www.exceler8ion.com/2006/01/13/formula-for….

    While our blog focus is on Online Marketing, feel free to read more about our thoughts on employer branding. You can use our blog search box to look up the key word \’branding\’ and you\’ll see lots of different posts we have written on the topic.

    We love the dialog – thanks for reading and commenting!

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