5 Responses to "I’ve always wanted to go to U.C. Berkeley"
  1. Astha says:

    No posts for a while? Just checking in on you guys,


  2. Shannon says:

    Hi Astha! Thanks for stopping by – I hope you are well. We are around. We’ve spent time participating in discussions last week rather than posting on the blog – but no worries…always more to come here.

    I am gathering the info for my review of the recruiting/employer branding efforts happening on the F500 blogs. We will post soon 🙂


  3. Lori says:

    My favorite two bloggers – I was wondering the same thing! I know you’ve been a busy gal lately Shannon…but with all the online happenings making news recently – I was hoping to read your take on those lucky Youtube guys! I’ll be checking in later!

  4. Shannon says:

    I LOVE that we are your favorite bloggers! Actually – I think that Matt (from Yahoo! HotJobs) has a good post discussing some possibilities for recruitment advertising and employer branding that will come of the Google / YouTube deal – you can see matt’s post here – http://www.jobsearchmarketing.com/2006/10/what_go


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