7 Responses to "Internal Communications and Talent Acquisition/Recruitment Should be Better Friends"
  1. Carol Barber says:

    Well said, SSG — great insights for any company concerned about engaging the best and brightest — like YOU! cb

  2. Jeff Fish says:

    Good to see you blogging again. Great post.

  3. So glad to see you jumping back into the blogging pool! We need to hear your voice. 🙂

    As you’ve indicated, so many employers are ignoring the fact that conversations are going on about their company online with or without their participation. You’ve given some great tips on how to start and also emphasized the importance of educating employees on “how” to use the tools vs blocking/trying to control the conversations. However, it will likely take some well publicized failures where companies did not educate/encourage their employees to use the tools well to get some to consider getting involved. Unfortunately, this will happen. It’s just a matter of time.

    As for who is doing it well? Unfortunately, there are too few well-known examples – Sodexo, E&Y, AT&T, Zappos, etc. but my guess is that there are a number of much smaller companies who “get it” and are doing great things. We’re just not hearing about them. It will be important for them/us to share many more success stories to get some of the reluctant participants to consider jumping on board. Right now, most still have their heads stuck firmly in the sand.

    • Shannon says:

      @cincyrecruiter – Jennifer, thanks for the comment. I agree there may be much to learn from smaller companies that can be more nimble in many cases, that are doing this well — although I am still shocked at the number of small-medium businesses that don’t even have a careers page/site on their site.

      Instead of blocking access to social networks, companies could focus on listening to their own internal audience and figuring out how they can implement social media to capture/understand the needs and wants of their own employees as a way to get in touch with their internal audience beyond satisfaction surveys — otherwise, the only forums employees have to express their views are public forums like Indeed and JobVent. There is so much valuable employee feedback that could be sourced and aggregated on internal platforms, this would not only serve the business better, but it would also provide the enterprise training/guidence for how to use social media. #opportunity

      @Carol & @Jeff thanks for the comments!

  4. ROI Guy says:

    Personally, I think internal communications should be the starting point for a company. If you cannot create clear message for your employees, how will it go externally?

  5. i fully agree with you ROI Guy, you got it!

  6. rant says:

    @ROI Guy I agree with you totally it has to start internally. A question I have is how would you delegate a task like this? Would you create a new position just solely for this? Would you add these tasks to a current employee, would they want more responsibilities? I mean if I was the employee that had to do more work to show how great we are, I wouldnt be to happy.

    What I think these larger companies that sell a product or a service could do is run a forum. Forums are great because you can interact with many different people and also find solutions to hard to find questions. Most industry “mavens” flock to these online forums to share their insight and know how. These are free “employees” that will work on helping you brand the company and I would definitely think this would help in recruitment.

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