Inspiring business cards to inspire your next web site design

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Wanderlust travel company card
Today I came across some creative business card ideas that could provide you with some inspiration to help you dream up a new logo, business card, marketing campaign, or even a new web site design.

Feast your eyes on this post on cool business card designs.

The best designs tie the central ‘cool design’ to their business, product or service (rather than just being cool). Think of this as delivering your message. Being cool just for the sake of being cool won’t usually win you business but being relevant and memorable will. For example, the card with the teeth imprint or dental floss are both relevant for a dentist and they’re both easy to remember. That’s what you’re shooting for in all of your marketing material – whether it’s your business card or web site.
Dentist Floss Card
Dentist dental imprint business card

Design your next web site with your goal being focused on delivering your message in a relevant, memorable way. If you do this there’s a very good chance it will be cool as well.

Another benefit of approaching your design with the message in mind is that it will help keep you from getting side tracked by the many things that derail design projects like getting hung up on specific layout, color, or typography. Does the font the dentist chose what makes the card memorable? No. Neither is the color. Both are important design elements but shouldn’t overshadow your design focus as they often do.

Design your message.

Hat tip to and their Twitter microblog post (called a tweet) that brought the link on cool business cards from to my attention.

4 Responses to "Inspiring business cards to inspire your next web site design"
  1. At the HR Florida conference that I just spoke at in Orlando – I saw business cards for ValPak – the direct mail coupon company – and their business card was encased in a miniature version of the outside blue envelope.

    Very cute.

  2. Julian says:

    nice! I’m busy thinking out how Local Na8ion could be better implemented.

  3. ZaggedEdge says:

    So cool–business cards that jump at you are so important

    Creating something that people want to show to their friends is a great piece of viral marketing–OR at least people are going to keep it and stick in a drawer somewhere instead of tossing it out.

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