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  1. Heather says:

    I don’t think dooced is an antonym to the “MySpaced” definition. Heather Armstrong (nee Hamilton, but not me) was fired for stuff she posted on her blog.

    Did we really lose net street cred when Scoble left? I know a lot of people that would disagree. I guess it depends on your view of his role and whether or not you liked him (kind of a blunt way to put it but some have speculated that his blogging was more about Scoble than Microsoft). I think the jury is still out on that one, but I’m sure we all have our own opinions on that. I sure hope that doesn’t become a verb. : )

  2. Shannon says:

    Hey Heather H. Heather Armstrong is one of my favorite bloggers. Maybe antonym isn’t the right descriptor. I was trying to relate being ‘dooced’ (losing your job because of your blog) to being ‘myspaced’ (not even being considered for a job because of your myspace page).

    I guess they are somewhat synonymous actually – Did I mention that I am not a good writer? ;-). The opposites I was going for were the currently employed vs. looking to be employed job candidates.

    Those of us in the recruitosphere wouldn’t want to be dooced for our blogs – just as candidates don’t want to lose out of opportunities due to their myspace pages.

    I saw other funny Microsoft related ones (hey – you know I am a happy MS using PC girl):

    “Microsofted” – attacked by numerous bugs and being turned off w/o any reason
    “Scoblized” – Getting a link from the Scoblizer blog to your blog –and watching traffic soar

    Certainly not looking to start a PC vs. Mac war – but here’s my answer:

    “Mac’ed” – Losing all control when using your computer (when you can’t figure out how to shut anything down you’ve been mac’ed)

    – LOL –

  3. Heather says:

    Haha…well at least you are funny Shannon. Trust me, that makes up for a lot in my book. Heather Armstrong is one of my favorite bloggers too. I think her dog is made out of clay. I found her while ego surfing. I decided at that point to consider that there were many fascinating people named Heather Hamilton because it simply could not be a coincidence ; )

    OK, so the “scoble-ized” thing exists. I’ve definitely seen it used. It comes with blog trolls though. I don’t covet his audience.

    Hey, if the PC versus Mac war gets too hot in your household, we are going to get Team Shannon t-shirts.

    Not to add to the war but how about this:

    “mac’ed”- referring to the fact that your computer came in a pretty color as a “feature”

    Ahh, I shouldn’t joke. I actually think that Apple is genius with the consumer advertisements (though I still think the mac guy looks smelly…their target audience must be OK with that…I’m old). And I do own an iPod.

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