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  1. Alex Rudloff says:

    Microformats in general are really exciting for users. They represent a chance for us to take control of our information and do what we need/want/like with it.

    At Emurse, we’re really excited about hResume in particular. Our focus is on improving the users job hunt, and we feel information ownership for the job seeker is a critical piece of that. It’s still all in the early stages (as is our service altogether), but great things are surely ahead ๐Ÿ™‚


    Alex Rudloff

  2. Shannon, thanks for the pointer to the hResume project and the plugin! I am really interested to see how these microformats “compete” with large initiatives such as HR-XML.

    One last point 2.0 is so last week ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Shannon says:

    Alex & Michael – thanks for the comments! Alex, emurse seems to be a tremendous offering for job seekers and I hope that it thrives. Michael – 2.0 IS so last week. Julian and I came across a great quote:

    โ€œWeb 1.0 was all about connecting people. It was an interactive space, and I think Web 2.0 is of course a piece of jargon, nobody even knows what it means. If Web 2.0 for you is blogs and wikis, then that is people to people. But that was what the Web was supposed to be all along…thereโ€™s no need to rename something once you start to understand it.โ€

    โ€” Tim Berners-Lee

  4. Peter Gold says:


    Interesting post. Way back in 1999 i.e. before this millennium! we (my old company) built http://www.one-cv.com that was doing some of what Emurse are now wanting to do. The site still exists but hey, no flack please on the design!!

    We then got involved with HR-XML but have since seen few real HR-XML integrations; in fact I have seen very few decent system integrations between ATS/job boards etc in the UK even today. Web 2.0 (and I like this term) will push a lot more new ideas and force more mash-ups and maybe, eventually, sometime soon, the ATS vendors and job boards will get it. In the meantime, we (my latest very small start-up) are doing some pretty cool stuff with jobs, tracking and integration. I may have to give up the day job though to make it big…….


  5. Alex Rudloff says:

    I have to say, HR-XML is really well designed (imho). There are aspects to it that I really wish hReusme had. The cool thing is, hResume is still in draft mode and all those involved are open to debate/consideration (as with any of the microformats).

    I think they can kind of co-exist. I know on Emurse we’ve built in support for both, but for different situations (hr-xml on the api side).

    And just for the record, Emurse is Web 3.14, which is entirely different than 2.0. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Dennis Smith says:

    Hey Shannon, I think you are correct! Those are definitely “recruiting(s)tools!” And, so is hResume – love it and your new ‘resume’ tab at the top.

    I think I need to get one for my site. But I wonder if my team at T-Mobile would get suspicious?! ๐Ÿ™‚

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