How to select a WordPress host for your small business

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Episode 4: There is a seemingly endless number of choices in the inexpensive web host arena to power your WordPress web site and blog. Wondering why we recommend WordPress for small to medium sized companies? Check out our video post on why we recommend WordPress for your small business.

In this 15 minute lesson I show you what features matter most for busy small to medium sized companies that don’t have the time or technical skill to install and upgrade a WordPress site on their own but who still want to take advantage of a fully customizable WordPress install and enjoy the many state-of-the-art WordPress features and SEO (search engine optimization) goodness that the WordPress content management system has.

I discuss hosts that are between $6.95 a month to around $10 a month that offer:

  1. 1-click or auto installs
  2. 1-click or auto upgrades for new versions of WordPress
  3. Reliable WordPress web hosting
  4. inexpensive monthly and setup costs
  5. More than enough web site storage, bandwidth and web databases to serve even a large organization.


p>I also show you a great site that offers impartial reviews of WordPress web hosts and tell you the kind of ‘review’ sites to avoid. Want to find some extra savings? Maybe a hosting affiliate that makes money by signing you up for new hosting can offer you additional savings on your monthly or setup costs? I discuss this as well.

Specific hosts I discuss include Dreamhost, AN Hosting, Midphase, and BlueHost. Just so you know, we don’t accept affilate commissions from these web hosts.

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