How to find traffic-generating topics to blog about for your small business

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two great ideas on how to write compelling small business blog posts that generate traffic

Two great ideas from a blogging master on how you can write compelling blog posts that generate traffic

Two great tips to generate popular blog posts straight from the lips of a blogging master.

Like you I run a small business. We share several things in common.

  • no extra time
  • almost all our actions must be tied directly back to revenue goals
  • we’re probably the ones responsible for writing our own blog posts and posting social media updates

Here are two great ideas from Chris Brogan that I heard on CopyBlogger’s podcast called Internet Marketing for Smart People:

Chris Brogan’s Blogging Tips

  • Write blog posts where your customer is the hero
  • Write blog posts around the FAQ’s of your topic (sourced from your topic area e.g. Organic Farming)

Write posts where customer is the hero
When your customer uses your product or service to solve their problem in some way they become your product heroes. These stories are often compelling, especially to your audience who is likely to have a similar need or problem. Chris used an example in the podcast where a vacuum business could write about how one customer gets twice the life from their vacuum filter.

Write blog posts around the topics you’d find in a community or topics FAQ page
Chris was bumming around the bargain e-book section of where he was looking for markeing and writing gems when he found one. Seek out the frequently asked question page (FAQ) for sites that exist within your topic area. If you are a painting contractor pour over decorating sites or home improvement sites to study their FAQ pages. Now build blog posts that address these questions with your own voice and solution. GREAT idea.

The entire CopyBlogger episode is worth listening to. Robert Bruce and Chris Brogran cover six different topics (I featured D from the list below):

  1. How to write 2,000–4,000 words a day
  2. The critical importance of brevity in the digital age
  3. Why every online writer should read (and study) The Shipping News
  4. Two ways to find endless content ideas
  5. Why it took Chris 8 years to gain his first 100 subscribers
  6. Brogan’s best advice on how to create a valuable content platform

Good luck in your blog writing.

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  1. Great find, Jules. Thanks for the tips which i shall start implementing today.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing Chris Brogran with us. This is someone to look up and see what they are all about. He gives great tips, really makes you think twice.

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