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  1. I would be very interested in knowing what behavioral targeting networks are most relevant to recruitment, i.e. who is hip to the potential of recruitment advertising and who is cost effective for a braod range of budgets, etc.

    I am trying to find a network that actually uses professional and trade sites as data sites. Is there anybody specifically looking at healthcare and nursing sites to gather behavior information for their network?



  2. jinfinite8 says:

    Hi Steven,

    Yahoo! does behavioral targeting and they have started promoting recruitment banner buys on the rest of the site through HotJobs. Behavioral targeting market leader Tacoda has a career category but I\’m not sure if they\’re specifically looking at healthcare and nursing. Let me check on that and get back to you. Thanks for the great question.

    — Julian

  3. Matt Martone says:

    Yahoo! does offer behavioral targeted graphical ads throughout the entire network (Mail, Finance, Sports etc.)

    79% of the Yahoo! audience is employed full-time. So this is a qualified group.

    You can target campaigns to only those in a particular industry or occupation, located in some particular city or state and whom are the ‘Careers’ behavioral bucket.

  4. Shannon says:

    Hey Matt – I include banner ad campaigns utilizing Yahoo!’s behavioral targeting capabilities in my recommendations frequently. It is a terrific way to be able to capture the attention of the often passive audience on Yahoo and engage them in an employer brand in a highly targeted way.

    I appreciate the comment!

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